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How to make a Flagpole for banners.

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Creating a Flagpole for larger flags

We use wooden dowels most of the time as flagpoles for the smaller flags; up to 44" X 44" but customers often ask about flagpoles for  larger flags. There are band supply places that sell a variety of flagpoles but they are often expensive and heavy.

We have found that we can make an excellent, light weight, but strong flagpole from the telescoping fishing poles that are readily available in most sporting goods stores.

The flagpole we use is called a pan fish or crappie fishing pole that I buy at Walmart. They come in various sizes of 10, 12, or 14  feet. 

The pole has a screw on piece at the bottom that needs to be temporarily removed to take out the top section (the smallest) which is not strong enough to support the flag. After you remove the smallest section, replace the remaining section(s) in the pole and screw on the bottom. Some people like to cover the length of the pole with electrical tape to hide the writing but that is optional.

To keep the top of the rod from tearing the flag I buy the rubber rod tips used with Closetmaid®, the wire shelves that are used to make shelves in closets. These can be bought at Lowes or Home Depot. I always glue these to keep the rubber tip from slipping off the rod. 

Then pull out the section(s) of the rod(s) until they do not slide back into the rod, slip the flag over the rubber tip and you are ready to use your worship instrument to praise God.

These flagpoles are inexpensive. They are very lightweight so you can use them for a long time without fatigue. The fiberglass is strong. The small section that you remove from the pole can be used for streamers or as a pole for smaller flags.

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