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How are flags used by intercessors?

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Flags are used in many ways and for many reasons but today I want to talk about how flags are used in intercession.

Flags are used prophetically in worship and in intercession. God will often lead an intercessor to use a particular flag to speak what He wants proclaimed in the Spirit. I have a flag I love to use called Fruitfulness. It is a large bunch of purple grapes with green leaves and brown stem on a light blue background. It is based on Numbers 13 where Moses sent 12 spies into the Promised Land. The land was so bountiful that they brought back clusters of grapes so large it required two men to carry them. 

There is a lot of symbolism in this flag. First, there is the symbolism in the colors. Purple means Kingship, Majesty, Royalty, Mediator, Creativity, Wealth, and Reigning with Christ. Green means Prosperity, New Life and Growth, Fresh, Healing, Hope, Peace, Victory, and Rest. The Blue in the background means Heaven, Holy Spirit, Divinity, Serenity, Revelation, and Faithfulness. The color Brown is important too, it symbolizes Devotion and Humility. 

Second, there is the symbolism in the design. Grapes symbolize abundance and harvest as well as provision. 

Third, there is the basis in Scripture that we too have a Promised Land.” Jesus came that we might have Life and have it in abundance.” We can proclaim all of that and establish it in the spirit just by waving the flag or by displaying it.

Flags change the atmosphere where they are waved or displayed. I make a set of red, blue and purple wing flags called Warfare Wings. The colors in combination are the same ones God instructed Moses to use in the Tabernacle. Read about it in Exodus. The Red in the flag is a strong deep red which symbolizes the Blood of Jesus, Life, Salvation, Courage, Power, Redemption, Fire, Fervent Love, Sacrifice, and War. The Blue in the flag represents Authority, Kingship, Priesthood, Intercession, Faithfulness, and Revelation. All of these qualities are required in intercession. I have used these flags in prayer and worship and felt the atmosphere shift immediately.

There is another set of flags called Spirit Wind. They carry a particularly strong breaker anointing. I have often used these flags when God is opening and closing portals. I have used these flags several places. 

Please remember without the anointing of God that He chooses to put into the flags they would be
just pretty pieces of fabric. The flags have power because God gives them power and He honors your
worship and intercession.

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