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It's About Worship is a ministry called to facilitate and educate in the area of Worship. The flags and banners on this site are hand painted on silk imported from China. In addition to flags and banners you will also find hand painted silk garments such as mantels, scarves, overlays, and prayer shawls which are sometimes referred to as wearable art.

It has been almost ten years since the Lord directed me to make flags. I had been praying for direction but this was not something I expected. I did not know anything about the use of flags in worship. Like most other people I had only seen a few flags used in churches and had no concept of them as the Spiritual Weapons that they are.  I have been an intercessor for years. I read books on prayer. Went to conferences on prayer and attended regular prayer meeting. I even had a prayer group that met once a week in my home for a while. I am a firm believer in prayer. I learned about fasting with prayer. Then God began to show me that there were other weapons I was not using at all.

 I loved to worship just because I enjoyed it but then God began to teach me that worship is one of the strongest weapons we have as Christians. Not only do we establish communication and relationship with God through worship, but worship is like a missile that opens up a hole in the heavens and allows our prayers to go up but also allows the answers to flow to us. God has promised to provide all we have need of and more to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth but the enemy is doing everything he can to interfere with God’s plan and provision. Worship destroys the work of the enemy and allows the blessings of God to flow freely. 

The Bible is full of types and symbols. God speaks to us through symbolism. This symbolism is powerful and meaningful. The language of dreams for example is symbolism. We know that in the Bible God often spoke to people through dreams; Joseph for example. Colors are a part of the language of symbolism that God uses. Colors have meanings that are based on scripture and culture. Colors just like other symbols have general meanings but they can also have personal meaning based on you own experiences. When I make and use flags the colors that are used are extremely significant. In the spiritual world symbolism is stronger than in the natural world. The language of symbolism is understood in the spirit. 

(see the article on the SYMBOLISM OF COLOR) 

The most amazing thing to me about the flags has been the anointing that God puts into them. They actually carry power in the spirit world. I can not explain it because I do not understand it. I know from experience that God gives me designs for flags that have a specific purpose in the Kingdom. They are His flags in His design with His power for His purposes. If God shows me a flag to paint and tells me it is for Transformation then when the flag is purchased and used somewhere else in the world it is proclaiming and bringing about Transformation. It is literally empowering Transformation when it is used. The person using the flag is doing spiritual warfare.  This has nothing to do with the artist. It is entirely a God thing. I do not design these flags in my mind and then paint them because they are pretty or make a grand show. That would be a waste of my time and the customer's money. They are not meant to entertain; they are meant to bring the Kingdom of God into the earth. If God ever stops putting His anointing into the flags I 

I have learned a lot about flags and banners and their symbolism. They can have a powerful effect in shifting the atmosphere in both public and private worship. Elsewhere on this site you can find articles on the symbolism of colors and on why we use flags in worship. There is also an article which gives the scriptural foundation for the use of flags. If you would like to learn more about the use of flags and banners in worship, I am available to teach at conferences and seminars.

Call 855-973-5247 or email annettes@itsaboutworship.com

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